Owner Services

1. Preparing Your Property for Market

Following a thorough inspection of your property we meet with you to discuss ways to maximize the rental value and marketability of the home. Riverside's experience helps you to achieve the highest return on  your investment.

2.  Aggressive Marketing

Timely and aggressive marketing of available property is the key to maintaining our VERY low vacancy rate, averaging less than 2%. We network with other industry professionals, use effective advertising campaigns in appropriate venues, and utilize printed promotional materials when indicated. Riverside pays for local, line advertising of your property

3.  Finding the Best Tenants

We measure an applicant's qualifications against established minimum requirements after conducting an extensive background investigation. We verify employment, credit history, perform criminal records check, confirm rental history, and check references. We stand behind our qualification process by paying for the eviction related court fees if the tenant defaults. No other management firm does this, NOBODY!

4.  Move-in

Your property undergoes a comprehensive inspection before the tenant moves in to identify any issues needing attention. At move-in time our representative re-inspects the home with the tenant and our findings are documented, supported with photographs when appropriate, and the report is signed by the tenant. We also take this opportunity to review with the tenant any rules, policies, or tenant responsibilities, and procedures for reporting repair needs.

5.  Routine Inspections

Our highest priority is your investment. To insure that your property is being properly cared for we perform a complete inspection, inside and out, during the first month of tenancy. This way we can address any issue early before it becomes a serious problem. We check the exterior of your property at least once each month and perform an interior inspection once each year. We will notify you when any issues arise and will provide you with a written report of the annual inspection findings upon request.

6.  Maintenance and Repairs

When repairs or periodic maintenance that is not the tenant's responsibility is needed, you are always consulted before expenditures are made.** We utilize experienced professions for repair work that we have found to be responsive, do high quality work, and are reasonably priced. You are always provided a copy of the original invoice with your monthly statement. We do not add on any fees or commissions for any third party work.    **(Except in the event of an emergency and you cannot be reached)

7.  Rent Collections

Rents are due on the 1st of each month. For owners participating in our Minimum Reserve program (call for details), owners' checks are mailed the next business day.  We are fair but firm with late payers and assess late fees after the 4th day. "72 hour" notices are issued on the 8th day in accordance with State Administrative Rules. 100% of any late fee collected is forwarded to you.

8.  Move-out

A thorough inspection is performed when a tenant moves out and the findings are compared with the move-in report. Needed repairs are made with costs assessed against the tenant's security deposit funds in accordance with Landlord Tenant laws. Any conditionally refundable deposits left are returned to the tenant with a full accounting of funds used within the 31 day period prescribed by law.

9. Responsiveness

When you need a question answered or wish to express a concern, just pick up the phone and call. We never rest while working for you. We're here all-day, 7 days a week to respond to your needs or your tenant's by phone, fax, or e-mail. We also show your property in the evenings and on weekends to potential tenants.

Let Riverside Provide the Services You Need

  • Receive your check on time

  • Receive an accurate and full financial statement each month

  • Receive an original invoice when repairs are made with no fees or commissions added

  • Receive and annual report to maximize your tax write-offs

  • Riverside's fees are a tax deductible expense in most cases

  • Reach us when you need us...on your schedule, not ours