Why Us

Q:    Is your company licensed by the State of Oregon to mange income property?

A:    Riverside's property management license is current and our practices and policies are in full compliance with all regulatory ordinances and statutes. We subscribe to the State's relevant publications to keep current on constantly evolving  regulations.


Q:    How do you charge for your services?

A:    At Riverside we believe that the "Management Fee" should actually cover ALL the services involved with managing your property. We do not expect you to pay extra for marketing, inspecting your property, finding a tenant, or anything else.


Q:    How often do you inspect my property to make sure it's being well cared for?

A:    It is our policy to perform a complete (inside &am; out) inspection within the first month of tenancy and at least once each year after that (more often when appropriate). "Drive by" inspections are conducted a minimum of once each month. Inspections serve two purposes: 1, they give us an opportunity to confirm the tenants' full compliance with the terms of the rental agreement; and 2, they allow us to look for any repair or preventative maintenance issues.


Q:    When are rents due and do you charge a late fee if not paid on time?

A:    All rents are due on the first of each month. If a tenant requests a different day to pay their rent we require your authorization for the variance. We assess a 10% late charge to all accounts not paid in full within the four day grace period provided for by statute.


Q:    How much is the late fee and who gets to keep it?

A:     We assess a fee equal to 10% of the rent which is ALL yours to keep. You are the one waiting for your funds...not us!


Q:    Is there an additional charge for renting my property to a new tenant?

A:    NO!  In fact, there is no fee charged while the property is vacant. If you aren't making money...neither do we.


Q:    Do I have to pay for the marketing of my available property?

A:    Riverside pays for all customary advertising and marketing of your property should it become available. If specialized marketing is determined to be necessary we will develop recommendations and discuss options with you.


Q:    When are you available to show my property to prospective tenants?

A:    The reality in the market today is that most people are working Monday thru Friday and can only look for property in the evenings and on weekends. Riverside accommodates that need and is available seven days a week until 6:00 pm and in the evenings by appointment. We also work for you on most holidays.


Q:    If I call with a question or concern will I actually get to talk to someone?

A:    We know how frustrating it can be to talk to an answering machine and then wait for someone to call you back. Just imagine how many potential tenants are lost for the same reason. Our relationship with you and the effective management of your property is our ONLY priority. The only time you'll hear an answering machine is after hours or when our lines are busy with other clients. When we are out of the office showing properties or conducting inspections, our lines are forwarded to cell phones so we can be as available as possible.


Q:    How do you handle maintenance and repairs?

A:    It's simple. Riverside is not in the maintenance business. When we become aware of a maintenance issue either during one of our routine inspections or from a tenant's request, we evaluate the matter and notify you with our recommendations. With your approval we then make arrangements for the work to be performed with required notices provided to the tenant. We do not add any fees, charges, or commissions onto the actual cost of the work. You are provided with a copy of the original invoice from whomever performed the work.


Q:    Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

A:    At Riverside we believe that we have to continually earn your business. Therefore, our Management Agreements are written for a term of only 30 days. The Agreement automatically renews each month unless you send us a written request to terminate the agreement. It's that simple!


These questions are the most asked by our potential clients. We encourage you to contact us with additional questions or concerns or for any clarification of the answers supplied here.